Reporter Hong Young-seok 24.04.25 



We are heading global! 'BS Rabbit', a sports casual brand developed by Miles International (CEO Song Eun-seon), has begun full-scale branding with the will to kill two birds with one stone, not only on the mountains and roads, but also domestically and globally.


BSRABBIT, which aims for street fashion with a unique and trendy design, is a compound word of B for BOARD and S for street fashion. Whether worn on the street or on a snowy mountain, BSRABBIT always makes everyday life more special. It has the meaning of killing two birds with one stone: the mountain and the road.


Song Eun-seon, CEO of Miles International, said, “BS Rabbit is a clothing that is always and everywhere,” adding, “It offers something special depending on where it is worn. It is perfect for a hip street fashion scene as well as snowboarding wear on snowy mountains. “After enjoying a free ride, it’s not strange at all for him to change from boots to sneakers and walk the city streets again,” he said.


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BS Rabbit's main target is people in their 10s to 30s who enjoy server culture and are into street fashion culture. With the slogan 'The future will be better tomorrow', BS Rabbit always runs to the end with a positive attitude and mind control. It is a proud K-brand with ambition.


In particular, this brand combines street and snow and adds functionality to become the center of a wide range of fashion icons. More than 90% of the products are made in Korea and are currently gaining popularity among young people who love snowboarding and skateboarding not only in Korea but also around the world, including Europe, the U.S., Canada, Japan, China and Hong Kong.


Sponsorship activities are also continuing steadily by signing contracts with famous national snowboarding players at home and abroad. It is a brand created by communicating with athletes and holds events globally, so it has many enthusiasts in various countries.


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Exports are also showing high growth as the number of domestic and especially global followers increases significantly every year. Pop-ups in places such as Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan, which have been held since 2022, were crowded with enthusiasts who lined up for a long time even before opening.


Exports have already more than doubled domestic sales three years ago, and on the 58th Trade Day in 2021, the company was awarded the $1 million export tower. After receiving the $2 million export tower in 2023, this year we will challenge for the $3 million to $4 million export tower.


CEO Song Eun-seon said, “On Textile Day last November 10, we received the Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy Award for our steady growth in the global market as a domestic brand. We will continue to strive to grow together to develop the domestic raw materials and toll processing market.” “As Korea’s representative brand, we will solidify our position as a proud and unique global sports casual brand,” he said.













Meanwhile, BS Rabbit's items appear to be hip streetwear with unique designs on the outside, but they are also very popular as snowboarding wear at ski resorts due to their high functionality, such as strong waterproofing against rain and snow.


Retail prices for both jackets and pants range from mid-100,000 to early 300,000 won, hoodies and sweatshirts range from 60,000 to 80,000 won, and hats range from 30,000 won. Wholesale items include jackets, pants, hoods, sweatshirts, hats, beanies, snowboard gloves, bags, socks, etc., at 40-50% of the retail price, with no minimum quantity, and delivery is provided through DHL or a cooperative forwarding company.


Domestic distribution networks include our online mall, Musinsa, 29cm, fonica, POP SNOWBOARD, ONE8, and THE BOUNCE, and overseas through Australia's Rhythmsnowsports and Canada. It is doing well in stores such as Sanctionsnow and Cardrona Corner in New Zealand.


CEO Song said, “In October 2020, we were able to make the BS Rabbit brand recognized in various places by being the only boardwear brand to enter ‘Hi Seoul Showroom,’ a support organization for new designers within Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) in Seoul,” adding, “Canon and “We received a lot of help, including arranging collaboration and providing a location for the brand to hold an exclusive pop-up event.” 


“I am extremely grateful for the connection between brands and buyers that had limited accessibility. “Our brand will work harder to make it a unique space that foreign tourists and buyers must visit when they come to Korea,” he added. [Fashion Biz = Reporter Hong Young-seok]


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☞ Brand profile

_ Awarded the Minister's Award for Excellence in Brand (Design) on the 37th Textile Day in 2023 (Representative Song Eun-seon)

_ 2023 Two Million Dollar Export Tower Award

_ Japan Harajuku pop-up to be held in 2022

_ 2021 Million Dollar Export Tower Award

_ Participated in the 2020 Yokohama Interstyle Exhibition in Japan

_ Participated in the 2020 MAGIC PROJECT NOW exhibition in Las Vegas, USA

_ Opened at Hi Seoul Showroom in 2020

_ Commendation from the Minister of Strategy and Finance in the exemplary taxpayer category on the 53rd Taxpayer’s Day in 2019 (Representative Song Eun-seon)

_ Participated in the 2019 Beijing ISPO exhibition

_ Participated in the 2019 Yokohama Interstyle Exhibition in Japan

_ Participated in the 2018 Yokohama Interstyle Exhibition in Japan

_ Participated in 2014 Korea Style Week and performed on the runway

_ Participated in Korea Style Week 2013

_ Launch of ‘BSRABBIT’ in 2010