SINCE 2010
"The future will be better tomorrow"
Made in Korea

mountains and streets

From Seoul to the World

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BSRABBIT is derived from the B in Snowboard and the S in Street.
The brand signifies capturing the essence of both snowboard and street fashion, symbolized by "catching two rabbits," and it provides a unique and comfortable daily life both in the mountains and in the street.
With the slogan "The future will be better tomorrow," BSRABBIT stands at the forefront of functional and unique trendy fashion.
Our identity, which combines street fashion and snowboard outdoor elements, proudly showcases our unparalleled originality.
Our growth story, created together with our snowboard team members,
and our positive mindset strive for a better future.
Join us in pursuing joy in tune with the beat, experiencing the freedom and
adventure that traverses mountains and streets.
BSRABBIT reaches new heights and distances without limits,
shining brightly wherever you are.