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Size Guide

<Measurement standard : cross-section>

M : Length 65cm/ Waist 41cm/ Crotch 41cm/ Thigh 38cm/ Hem 32cm
L : Length 66cm/ Waist 42cm/ Crotch 42cm/ Thigh 39cm/ Hem 33cm
XL : Length 67cm/ Waist 44cm/ Crotch 43cm/ Thigh 40cm/ Hem 34cm

M : Length 25.6in/ Waist 16.1in/ Crotch 16.1in/ Thigh 15in/ Hem 12.6in
L : Length 26in/ Waist 16.5in/ Crotch 16.5in/ Thigh 15.4in/ Hem 13in
XL : Length 26.4in/ Waist 17.3in/ Crotch 16.9in/ Thigh 15.7in/ Hem 13.4in

Technical Info

No waterproof


Cotton 100%


"2024 S/S : unexpected"

Against the backdrop of the rainy streets of Tokyo, we captured the essence of Japan's unique atmosphere and fragrance, where skaters evade the rain to discover new thrills in unexpected places. Showcasing peculiar yet fascinating locales such as bathhouses and streets exuding the ambiance of Japan's unexpected charm, we've encapsulated BSRRABBIT's signature blend of freedom and humor in streetwear.

Size Spec

Measurement standard : cross-section

(A) Length (B) Waist (C) Crotch (D) Thigh (E) Hem
M 65cm 25.6in 41cm 16.1in 41cm 16.1in 38cm 15in 32cm 12.6in
L 66cm 26in 42cm 16.5in 42cm 16.5in 39cm 15.4in 33cm 13in
XL 67cm 26.4in 44cm 17.3in 43cm 16.9in 40cm 15.7in 34cm 13.4in

Measurement Method

(A) Length
Flatten the pants, Measure vertically from the top of the waistband on the outseam to the bottom hem

(B) Waist
Flatten the pants, Measure horizontally from one end of the waistband to the other

(C) Crotch
Flatten the pants, and Measure vertically from the waistband to the seam of the crotch

(D) Thigh
Flatten the pants, and measure horizontally from 2.54cm(1inch) below the front rise seam to the outseam

(E) Hem
Flatten the pants, Measure the length from the inseam to the outseam

Purchase Considerations

• Post-processed washed pants undergo various washing processes after sewing completion before the product is released.
• Due to the nature of cotton products, shrinkage or relaxation may occur randomly during the washing process.
• The dimensional information provided is the actual measurement information based on the pattern used in the production of the product.
• However, due to variations in measurement methods, locations, fabric conditions, and slight shrinkage
• depending on the washing process for each product, there may be a deviation of approximately 1-2 centimeters(0.4-0.8 inches) from the actual product.
• Please note that this is not a product defect. Thank you for your understanding.

1.Hand Wash Only
2.Wash Separately
3.Do not Tumble Dry
4.No Bleach